Monday, July 25, 2011

Just after we spent a month readying our home in Sierra Vista, Arizona for the new owners...painting, repairing, sprucing up, cleaning....having held 5 garage sales, made 6 trips to the dump, many, many trips to Goodwill Industries, shuttling "stuff" to a small 10 by 10 storage unit & finally driving away, we drove directly to Suprise, Arizona to do the same on behalf of Lisa's mother who had just passed away. After two weeks of struggling to disperse of the possessions the siblings didn't or couldn't take, in 110 degree Arizona heat everyday, I wrote this:


Today, we drove away from Suprise, Arizona. and headed to California. With Tundra in tow, an over loaded motor home (from too many belongings we'll eventually leave with our kids and grandkids), two happy doggies and the dreams we've accumulated in the last 15 years of "going full time", we drove west on Bell, headed to the 303 loop to California. As usual, I didn't completely read the directions (and hadn't had Lisa read them either), I missed a crucial turn and wound up on some lonesome highway to nowhere that had NO SIGNS WHATSOEVER to tell you which road we were on! Sensing we were not going in the right direction, Lisa reviewed the directions and discovered we had missed a left turn on the
Bob Stumph Memorial Highway
, which was the so called 303 loop. So, we flipped a uey and back tracked to where we had seen a teeny tiny sign that had said "303 1/4 mile ahead. So in a quarter mile, we turned right on a street with NO STREET SIGN WHATSOEVER to, once again tell you which road you just ventured on to. Well, it turns out they were doing construction at that intersection (they were doing road construction on 90% of the intersections in Suprise!) and to our suprise, we had actually turned on to the Bob Stumph Memorial Highway which would eventually lead us to Blythe, California. There we pulled in to a lovely KOA Campsite in Blythe   Arizona (see attached pix!)

on the Colorado River, set up shop and had a great evening!

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