Monday, August 8, 2011


Well, we made it to Seasidee, Oregon last week....nice little town with a Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk kinda feel,,,surf shops...a small amout of rides...bumper roller coaster...TONS of restaurants....
Of course one strong earthquake in Japan & it could all get washed away....the signs says "Tsunami Evacuation Route"...that's comforting.... Everywhere you look in Seaside, hundreds of these hanging plants...they're huge, healthy and beautiful.....
I can't even imagine how many people it must take to keep them lookinh good....
We got our hands on some fresh, right off the boat Chinook King Salmon the other day....there's a reason why they call it KING salmon!

Sunday, I get to white knuckle the motorhome over the Astoria Bridge which crosses the mouth of the Columbia River in to Washington State!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Farmers Market-Portland

Last Saturday, July 30th, we went to the downtown Portland farmers market....Whoa! It was HUGE! Hundreds of booths, over flowing with fresh, locally grown fruits & vegetables!

There had to be 20 berry grower booths. Goosberries, Raspberrys, Lingonberrys, Currants, strawberrys & of course, Oregon blueberrys! The blueberrys & raspberrys were the sweetest we've ever had....and Ranier cherrys at their peak of perfection were only $2.99 a pound!
There were literally THOUSANDS of people in attendance to buy fresh produce and listen to live jazz.

Lisa was in heaven. SUNFLOWERS!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the Chinook salmon booth! We bought a salmon roast, a large  hunk of king salmon that the seller said  to wrap in aluminum foil along with garlic, onion and dill and cook 30 minutes at 350 & that it would be a religious experience. IT WAS! We roasted fresh sliced carrots, fennel & onions to have with the salmon.

Yesterday, we left Portland for a Thousand Trails in Seaside, Oregon, just below the border of Washington. Their little downtown area is like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk but without the thrill rides and plenty of restaurants. They had bumper cars and a carosel plus games but everything was inside. Tomorrow, we'll go downtown and shoot pore pictures!