Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Poi Boys

One of the great things about living and traveling from city to city in a motor home is that you come across old friends. Last week in Seattle, I contacted 2 of my favorite people; Glen Martin and Jeff "Boogie Bear" Kauffer who live there. In 1974, Glen and Jeff were 2 of my DJ's when I was PD of KPOI in Hawaii. We haven't seen each other since the middle 70's! Today, Glen is a financial advisor and Jeff is an airline pilot for U.S. Air...if you've ever flown U.S. Air, "Boogie Bear" could have been your pilot! We worked really hard at KPOI and developed a great sounding radio station. In that one year we had more fun than the average person has in a lifetime!
Last Wednesday night, we all got together at Glen's beautiful home in Woodinville and had a few pops! Well, maybe more than just a few. That Blue Agave Glen's wife Kim brought out at the end was awesome. They had brought it back from their last trip to Mexico. It was the real thing!
The kings of the barbeque!

We're in Birch Bay, Washington about 100 miles north of Seattle right now but, in 2 weeks when we head for Santa Cruz, California for the holidays with family, we hope to stop by Jeff's house for a day or two! I am very proud of these guys and the personal success they are now enjoying as "adults." We were just kids in our 20's in 1974!

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